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Direct integrations between Telia Smart Connect and platforms like Microsoft 365 boost efficiency and improve customer service. Plus the open API enables custom integration with third-party solutions.

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The different available integrations

Calendar integration

Sync calendar events from Microsoft 365 to Telia Smart Connect to enrich the company directory on the web and mobile app. With a better understanding of your colleagues’ availability, you can make smarter choices when transferring calls. User availability and queue login is updated automatically in Telia Smart Connect to reflect calendar events.

Microsoft Teams presence integration

Integration enables a one- or two-way real-time status integration between Telia Smart Connect and Microsoft Teams. The one-way integration makes it possible to view colleagues’ Teams status in the Telia Smart Connect company directory, so you can see when someone is in a call or not available. The two-way integration goes a step further, updating the Teams status of users with “Busy in a call” when someone is talking on their mobile phone or built in webphone. Presence integration increases transparency, giving you a clearer picture of who is available and when.

Microsoft Teams voice integration

Experience seamless communication with Microsoft Teams Voice integration in Telia Smart Connect. This integration fuses your telephony capabilities with the robust collaboration environment of Microsoft Teams. It simplifies workflows by allowing direct dialing and call handling within the Teams client across devices. Whether you’re working remotely or from the office, manage your calls effectively with queue handling, call forwarding, and caller ID features. Enhance your organizational connectivity and ensure that your team never misses an important discussion, all within the familiar interface of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Active Directory integration

The ability to locate the right colleague quickly and easily is essential, but it’s also important that the information is accurate and up-to-date. Microsoft Active Directory integration allows you to sync user details from Microsoft Active Directory to users in Telia Smart Connect. Map and sync any field, as well as profile images, to ensure the latest information is available across your organization.

Integrator API

The rich Integrator API makes it easy to integrate Telia Smart Connect into almost any third-party solution, including Puzzel, Touch Call Recording, Trio, and more. Customers can also create their own custom integrations with Telia Smart Connect. Many CRM and call center solutions integrate to improve availability management, call handling, and strengthen the company directory.


Calendar integration:

  • Availability that reflects calendar events
  • Route calls based on availability

Microsoft Teams presence integration:

  • Busy in Microsoft Teams – see it in Telia Smart Connect
  • Busy on your mobile – see it in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams voice integration:

  • Seamless in-app calling and call management in Microsoft Teams
  • Real-time call queue handling synced with Telia Smart Connect

Microsoft Active Directory integration:

  • Accurate and up-to-date user information
  • Sync profile pictures

Integrator API:

  • Click-to-call, update contacts, see or change status, etc.
  • Integration with third-party applications

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