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Teams Presence Integration

The Teams presence integration with Microsoft Teams is done using Microsoft Graph API. Microsoft Graph API is the gateway to do secure integrations to Microsoft 365 services and applications. The integration is simple to set up, and once completed can be enabled for all users in that Microsoft tenant that have a user in Telia Smart Connect. We have made it possible for you to easily make changes without having to contact customer service, and have full control of the integration. It is possible to set up multiple integrations if users are connected to different Microsoft tenants.

To access the step by step integration guide log into Telia Smart Connect and navigate to Integrations -> Teams presence integration.

When the integration is set up you will get confirmation that everything is ok, and the service will automatically start matching users in Telia Smart Connect with users in your Microsoft tenant using e-mail as a key. You can see the number of users that is matched and activated for each integration. By default the integration will sync and show the same availability that you have in Teams in the Telia Smart Connect company directory and push line status (busy/free status for mobile and webphone calls) back to the Teams client for a full two way status synchronization. That will keep both Telia Smart Connect company directory and Teams client in sync. If you do not want two way syncronization you can toggle this off per integration “Push line status to Teams”.

Teams presence integration

To get a real time status synchronization we use combination of the Graph rest API and the new Graph webhook API (Integration users). Each of the integration users will enable the possibility to subscribe to 650 Teams users real time status events, and we have made it possible to set up to 7 “Integration users” to enable a real time sync of 4550 Teams users for a single integration.

In the “Users” tab you can see all users, if they have been matched and have active Teams presence sync and if you want disable it for selected users.

Team Presence users

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