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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Do you know how satisfied your customers are? Get direct feedback and find out what your customers think with automated polls and surveys.


The feedback you need to drive excellent service

Find out what customers think of your service

Utilize our automated survey to obtain the Net Promoter Score (NPS). An SMS can be sent to your customers following each interaction (support, customer care, etc.). This survey asks a simple question regarding the likelihood that they would recommend your company to a friend, rated on a scale of 1-10. This method allows you to track the number of promoters or detractors over time, by entry point or agent. Additionally, you can receive alerts for when the same customer calls again, indicating whether they are a promoter or detractor.


Custom create your own polls and surveys

Our Customer Satisfaction module makes it easy to build surveys and get feedback from your callers. Choose between our standard NPS template or customize your own to get the feedback you need.


Share learnings and improve strategy 

Create new surveys in the Customer Satisfaction module, schedule “send” during call setup, then sit back and let the data flow. Information is updated continuously and can be retrieved per team, timeframe, or agent. When it’s all in, you’ll be able to share learnings and improve your overall call strategy.


*NPS, or Net Promoter Score, is a metric used to gauge the loyalty of a company’s customer relationships. NPS is calculated based on customers’ likelihood to recommend a company’s product or service, scored on a 0-10 scale; scores of 9-10 are promoters, 7-8 are passives, and 0-6 are detractors.






  • Adapt the survey to your business and purpose
  • Automatic dispatch and simple administration
  • Overview of statistics and reports
  • Create queues, segments, and schedules 
  • Export detailed reports in Excel
  • Secure storage and personal data deletion

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