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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The customer satisfaction module enables an administrator to configure surveys that can be sent out after ended calls to appointed queues. There are two types of survey, standard NPS (Net Promoter Score) and custom surveys.

  • Automatic dispatch and simple administration
  • Overview of statistics and reports
  • Create queues, segments, and schedules
  • Export detailed reports in Excel
  • Secure storage and personal data deletion

Set up survey



Create a title for each survey. The title is only for internal use, and will not be shown to the ones receiving the survey.



This is the heading for the survey and will be displayed for the ones receiving the survey.



Description is also displayed to recipients of the survey, right under the heading.


Scores for answers

For NPS the default score is 0-10 and this cannot be changed. When creating a custom survey, you can choose different scores, for example 0-10, 0-5 and so on.


SMS sender

Choose which number the survey should be sent from. It is also possible to use your company name as SMS sender. Contact Telia support to get help adding your company name as SMS sender.


Text in SMS

The text in the SMS that is sent to your end user with a link to the survey. %url will link to the survey and can be placed anywhere in the text.



Type of survey. This is selected in the first step when creating the survey and cannot be changed later.



You can choose between English, Estonian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish. The language you choose here will be the language of the question when the NPS survey is used the SMS text and the confirmation text. If you in the first step set the language to Norwegian, it will not change if you then set it to English later. This will only change the language of the buttons in the survey.


Quarantine Time

Choose when each recipient can receive a new survey per text message. Default is 1 week.



Results for each survey counts as personal data and should not be stored for longer than needed. Default is set to three months, but can be changed to 6, 12, 18 or 24 months. These results are the foundation for the statistics. Deleted results cannot be restored.


URL after answer

You can add your custom URL after the survey is answered. For example, your company home page.


Confirmation text

Text that is shown to the end user after the survey has been answered. By default, this is “The response has been registered. Thank you for your participation”, but this can be changed to anything.


URL to logo

Add link to your company logo here if you want the logo to be displayed at de top of the survey. A preview of the logo will be shown to the right.


Callers last NPS score

When this option is turned on, agents will be able to see the callers last NPS score, and how they rated the call/help. If the survey this caller answered had more questions, it will be the rating/answer to the main question that will be displayed.


Detailed view

When this option is turned on the score/rating will also be displayed in the queue log and the agents personal call log. By clicking on the call in the call log and then clicking “customer satisfaction ☺” in the bottom right corner more information will be displayed.

Test survey

If you want to see what the survey will look like to the end user, you can click on the button “Test survey” and choose either test in browser, or what number you want to send the survey to. The answer and result in this test survey will not be logged in the statistics.

Editing questions in custom survey

For editing questions in the custom survey, you click on the dropdown menu and choose “questions”, and then click the add button. You can only have one main question.

Setting up customer satisfaction in your IVR

To use your NPS survey, this element must be placed in the desired IVR, and the call must go through the customer satisfaction element before it gets to a queue for the survey to work.

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