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Getting started with the Switchboard

From the switchboard, you get a good overview of all calls to the company’s queue groups. You can see who callers have talked to before and easily transfer them to the right persons via the company directory.

  • Make calls and receive calls with the built-in Softphone
  • Log in and out of company queues
  • Choose your own and see the status of colleagues

Log in to the switchboard

To receive queue calls, you must log in to one or more of the company’s queues

Click on your name at the top right and log in to the desired queue groups under my queues. The switchboard is also available in a smaller format, via the Personal Switchboard service.

Use the switchboard


The conversation pane give you information and details about callers. You can also answer calls and make calls with the integrated Telia softphone.


The company directory contains the company’s employees and external contacts. Click on a contact to see more information. Click directly on a phone number to transfer a call or make a call. You can search by name, position, phone number and other details depending on what is stored on the contacts.


At the bottom you see an overview of all calls waiting for answers. Click on a call to pick up, give higher priority or assign to a colleague. Click to select which queue groups you want to see calls to. The queue log tab shows the last calls, and you can call back and mark missed calls as answered.


Overview of the company’s queues. Click on a queue to see the queue members status and log queue members on or off.

When you receive a call at the switchboard, you see who is calling, as well as whether the call has been transferred internally and possibly who the person talked to the last time he or she called the company, before you answer.

Users with Telia Softphone can answer calls directly on the switchboard. If you only have a mobile phone, the call must be answered on the phone itself, but you will still see incoming calls and be able to hang up via the switchboard.


Information about the caller and automatic lookup against Company Directory or white/yellow pages (if enabled).


If the call is transferred internally, you will see where the call comes from and who the caller has been talking to and for how long. You can also use the call stream to see details about the call.


Under previous, you see who the person spoke to the last time he or she called your company.

Handling calls


Transfer the call to external telephone numbers – Enter the number you want to forward to.


Answer incoming calls, pause (hold) or hang up active calls. Mute () is only available when using a softphone.


Lookup to the telephone directory – See the name and address of the caller.


Calls on hold are collected here – Click on calls to bring them back.


Your personal call log.


SMS sender – Send SMS directly from the switchboard to colleagues and external numbers.

On the right side of the conversation pane, you will find settings for softphones, company information if a company is found during lookup, caller history, location information about callers and notes on callers.

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