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Mobile App – Get Started

We have gathered the most important functions in Telia Smart Connect in a mobile app.

With our app the users can easily access the company directory, transfer calls, log on and off queues, forward calls, etc. on the go.

With the mobile app you can:

  • Transfer calls easily.
  • Log in and out of queues.
  • Call cheap to, from and abroad with mobile IP.
  • Get simple presence indication with the option of call control.
  • Have access to the updated Business Directory with information about colleagues.

How to get started with the Telia Smart Connect mobile app

Download the app

The mobile app is available to all Telia mobile customers who use Telia Smart Connect.

Username and password

  • The username is your mobile number.
  • The password is the same as in the Telia Smart Connect switchboard
  • If you need a password to the mobile app, click on the “new password” button and fill in your username. After filling in your username, you will receive an SMS or an e-mail with a link to change your password. (Coming soon)

Features in the Telia Smart Connect mobile app

On the homepage, you can choose shortcuts and fast access to the functions that you use the most. Tap “Edit shortcuts” at the bottom of the screen to add or remove features.

In the top right corner you find the news bell, where you can receive information about updates, new features or recent events.

From the Home screen, you can also open the main menu by tapping it. In the top right corner you find the news bell, where you can receive information about updates, new features or resent events.

Available shortcuts

  • Availability
  • Company directory
  • Queues
  • Call history
  • Messages
  • Number search
  • Phone conference

Available speed dials

With available speed dials you can:

  • Change the availability status
  • Change the display number
  • Log in and out of one, several or all queues

My profile

Tap your name at the top of the home page to open your profile. Here you can:

  • Change profile picture
  • Change password
  • Select language
  • Change the display number
  • Select the default method for transferring calls
  • Activate/deactivate number lookup

Call forwarding

The Telia Smart Connect Mobile App makes it easy to forward calls. Call forwarding is controlled via availability. Select the desired availability status and enter the phone number to which you want to forward calls.

User Guides

Here you can find user guides connected to the feature topic. If you can’t find what you are looking for here you might find it in our main user guide archive.
User Guides