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User Administration

The company directory contains information about members and contacts. All information except the members’ phone numbers can be seen in the administration panel. The administration panel gives several advantages:

  • It is easier to find the right contact in the company directory, with tags, position, department and other information.
  • Add and remove a short number on a member.
  • Change members availability and queue availability.

How to get started with user admin

  • Navigate to Administrator page from main menu
  • Then select “Users”
user administration

Member details

To update member details, search user or click on any user to edit the member details. You can:

  • Add or update profile image.
  • Hide the contact from the company directory.
  • Update any detail on the contact card like:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Position
    • Department
    • E-mail
    • Short number
    • Role
    • Custom fields
User administration


You can change the user’s availability, and presence notice that is visible in the company directory:

  • Change to any availability, with or without expiry time. Read more about availability here
  • Set the number presentation depending on what is available for that user.


Queues enable you to administrate member queue availability and priority.


With Tags, you can add any number of tags (skills/capabilities) to the user, which can be used to search the company directory and display this on the contact card.

Admin Users Tags

User Guides

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