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Opening hours

With Opening hours you ensure that callers are routed correctly based on when they call:

  • The callers get the best response dependent on whether they call within or outside the company’s opening hours.
  • Use my answering service to give callers more options
  • Show if you are available, busy or absent for your colleagues with availability and presence note

How to get started with opening hours

  1. Navigate to Administrator page from main menu
  2. Select “Telephony Setup”
  3. Select Visual admin from the pane below
  4. Press the button “Click here to edit your Switchboard solution”


The Visual admin is available for the company administrators or users with role access.

Define the company “Opening hours”

From the selection “Opening hours” on the right side, you can add or edit the existing opening hours. Your company can have one or more definitions of the opening hours, and they can be used in multiple places of the system.

Click the button “New opening hours” or edit the existing opening hours by pressing the cog wheel.

Using categories

By using the predefined categories, it is possible to add a different call setup for lunch hours to be repeated daily:

Click and drag a category to add it on the timeline below, add a period (or drag and drop to adjust), so it matches the time you want for that category. The categories can be used to create a different opening for each day of the week and assigned separate welcome messages. Exceptions can then be made for any day or period in the future.

How the calls are routed is set up in the IVR – main number call flow. Drag the element into the IVR where you want it, then connect it to new elements, and select the category you want to map it to.

Click on your name at the top right and log in to the desired queue groups under my queues. The switchboard is also available in a smaller format, via the Personal Switchboard service.

Opening hours

Exceptions in the opening hours

Exceptions can be used to temporarily change a call flow for some time.

  1. Select a to and from date
  2. Add a name for the exception
  3. The new exception now shows up as a separate pane to right of the default opening hours

Click on the new exception pane and adjust the opening hours as you need. You can add new categories or click and adjust the existing opening hours. The colour grey is not defined (i.e. closed), while red is closed (as well) and used to override an open period.


It is possible to use temporary voice messages. To add a new voice message, you can open “Audio files” on the right side of the screen. Click “Edit” to open the audio file administration.

You can add sound files to the existing categories, or add new categories by pressing the “Categories” pane. To create a new sound file, select a category then upload an existing sound file or enter a number to record a new one. If you enter a phone number you will be dialed back and asked to record the message.

The recording is saved as the date/time of the recording.

Test your IVR call flow

When you have an IVR open, you can at any time test how the call flow work.

On the top press the play icon, then number and then the date/time you want to simulate for that call. You will be called back and the call will behave as if you called into the call flow at the specified date/time.

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