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Audio Files

With audio files, the callers receive useful information both within and outside the company’s opening hours. The announcements can for example be used to inform about the company opening hours and menu selections:

  • Inform the caller of the company opening hours.
  • Give the callers important messages before adding the caller to a queue.
  • You can create several audio files for no extra cost.
  • You can playback/test these announcements in the browser or on a phone.

How to get started with audio files

  1. Navigate to Administrator page from main menu.
  2. Select “Telephony Setup”.
  3. Select Visual admin from the pane below and press the button “Click here to edit your Switchboard solution”.

Audio files are part of the IVR and are available for the company administrators or users with role access.

Record announcements

To record announcements, select “Audio files” from the menu on the right side, then click “Edit”.

Audio files can be created under different categories, so it is easier to select the right audio file for the different categories. You can use the default categories or create your own by pressing the “Category” pane. Here you can see a list of your company categories, delete and add new ones.

New announcement

If you want to add a new announcement:

  1. In the “New audio file” pane, select Category
  2. Then either upload an announcement or add a number to be called up to read in the announcement.
  3. When getting called up to record a message, listen to the announcement to record and complete the recording.
IVR Record announcement

Add audio files to the IVR – main number call flow

  1. From the right menu, add the “Play audio file” element into the call flow.
  2. Select the audio file that you want to be played.
  3. You can also change an audio file on existing “Play audio file” elements.

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