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My Profile – Phone Settings

Via phone settings in your profile, you can, among other things, select the standard method for forwarding calls, change the display number and activate the softphone.

  • Change your one number settings
  • Show the company’s main number for outgoing calls
  • Change default settings for SMS sender

How to get started

  1. Click on your name at the top right to open your profile
  2. Go to the Telephony tab

Many of the same settings are also available in the mobile app and personal attendant.

Available settings


Call out with

Choose between click to call and softphone for outgoing calls from the switchboard. Click to call generates a call to your mobile phone or IP device, then answered before calling the recipient. You call directly from the switchboard with a headset connected to the PC with a softphone.


Forward with (shortcut)

Select the default method for forwarding calls when clicking on the telephone number of colleagues in the Business Directory. This is by default set to forward with a return, but you can select forward without return or assisted forwarding. You can always open a contact and choose between the different methods regardless of this choice.


One Number-settings

Select the desired display number for your mobile phone and set up where you want to receive calls to your phone numbers.



SMS sender allows you to define the sender number or name for SMS messages sent from the switchboard. Click to call agent will enable you to choose whether the mobile phone or IP device will be applied for click to call. Retrieving queue calls to agent allows you to select whether the mobile phone or IP device should be the default recipient when you retrieve queue calls manually on the switchboard. Retrieve held calls to agent allows you to select whether the mobile phone or IP device should be the default recipient when you retrieve calls on hold.


Notifications for visit Registration

By default, you receive notification of visits to your e-mail address or your mobile number. If necessary, this can be overridden so that others in the company receive in addition to or on your behalf.


Notification for log in and log out

If you wish, you can receive notification by SMS and/or e-mail every time a colleague logs you off and on the company’s queues. The email address can be changed under the profile settings tab.

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