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Mobile App – Number lookup

When using Telia Smart Connect app, you are able to activate call identification which lets you see who is calling, even tough it’s an unsaved number, and push notification, which will display who is calling, and which queue they are calling trough.*

*Call identification will display who is calling, as long as the number is listed in your countrys local number directory service. Push notification will also display who is calling trough your company’s main number as long as the number is listed in your local number directory service.

Step-by-step for iOS and Android


From the home page of the app, tap your name (top), and then click on “number lookup”.


Click on “push notifications” to enable notifications from the Smart Connect app.


You need to enable the toggle to let the app send notification, and enable notifications in your iOS settings.


Enable “Allow notifications”


To enable Call identification, you need to click the button in the bottom that will redirect you to your iOS phone settings.


When in phone settings, click the “Call Blocking & Identification” button


Toggle on “Smart connect”.

Step-by-step to enable call identification and push notification for Android

  1. From the home page of the app, tap your name (top).
  2. Turn on “Number lookup”.
  3. Approve any permissions the app requests.


You will now see the caller information on the screen when someone calls your mobile phone.

If you experience any problem, you should check that the app has all the necessary permissions via settings, apps, corporate networks and permissions

You should be done now!

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