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Mobile App – Call Transfer

Call transfer means to put calls through to other contacts during the active call (unlike forwarding which is a predetermined setting to change call direction before the call is answered).

With the Telia Mobile app and Telia Smart Connect, it is very easy to transfer calls, regardless of whether you are in the office or on the go.

  • You can transfer calls with just three taps.
  • You can choose whether you want to redirect with return, without return, or assisted redirect.
  • Favorite contacts are automatically displayed first.

How to get started with call transfer

  1. During an active call, go to the phone’s home screen and select Smart Connect mobile app.
  2. Your favourite contacts open automatically on the screen.
  3. Press “Transfer” on the contact you want to forward to, or go to the contact and choose between “With return”, “Without return”, and “Assisted transfer”.

You can also go to the internal company directory to transfer calls or transfer the call to other contacts or external numbers via the Corporate Network mobile app. The options can be found at the bottom of the “Business Directory” screen.

Via the settings in your profile, you can choose whether to transfer with return, without return or assisted redirect should be the standard method when forwarding calls in the mobile app. Read more about the different techniques for redirecting at the bottom of this page.

How to get started with call transfer

Methods for transfering

  • Transfer: If the recipient you transfer to does not answer the call, the call is returned.
  • Transfer without return: If the recipient you are transferring to does not answer the call, the call is forwarded according to the settings on the recipient’s corporate network availability profile or mobile phone.
  • Assisted transfer: Callers are put on hold by using an assisted transfer. You automatically call the colleague you want to transfer to and talk to the colleague before you choose to transfer the call.

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