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Mobile App – Availability

With accessibility in the Telia Smart Connect mobile app, you can show whether you are available, busy or absent. You can also forward calls, for example, to a colleague or a personal answering machine.

Advantages are among others:

  • Supports audio messages that are automatically played to callers
  • Allows you to forward calls
  • You can synchronize the app with the mobile phone’s calendar

How to get started with availability

  1. From the homepage in the Telia  Smart Connect mobile app, you can quickly change the availability status.
  2. To edit the statuses, go to the main menu and select availability.
  3. Press a status to change availability. Press to edit settings.
  4. From the main menu, select availability
  5. Press the desired status to activate, or press the information icon to edit
Mobile App

Status settings


An automatic audio message that informs about availability status and expiration time. For example, “The person you are calling is in a meeting until 13.00”.


You can choose from your personal audio files. Personal audio messages can be recorded by logging in to the web and selecting “My profile” and “availability”.
Read more about availability in my profile here.
Spoken absence and audio message are played at all incoming calls before the ring tone starts on your mobile or the call proceeds to one of the call forwarding options chosen (described below).


Call forwarding allows you to automatically forward any calls before answered (unlike call transfer which is when the call is active). Press “When called” to decide where calls should go when someone calls you and you are free. Press “When busy” to control where calls go when someone calls you and you are busy.

Read more about call forwarding here.

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