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My Profile – Availability

With a few clicks, you can change the availability and how calls to you are configured. You can redirect calls to queues, colleagues, my answering service or announcements.

  • Add call forwarding setup for each availability
  • Use my answering service to give callers more options
  • Show if you are available, busy or absent for your colleagues with availability and presence note


  1. Click on your name at the top right to open your profile
  2. Go to the availability tab

The same settings can be found in the mobile app and personal switchboard

Available settings

1 Select availability
Choose from several different statuses, and enable synchronization of availability to your calendar if your company has integration with Microsoft Exchange.

2 Message
Add a custom message to your availability that is visible to others via the company directory.

3 Incoming calls
Set up what should happen for incoming calls for each of your availabilities. Add redirects, announcements for calls depending if you are free or busy in a call.

4 Connect all normal calls to my phone first
Toggle if you want the call to arrive on your phone before the redirect happens.

5 Announcement
Spoken absence where callers will be automatically notified that you are busy and for how long you are busy before your phone starts ringing or the call is forwarded. This is based on the active availability and expiry time.

6 Audio message
Record a personal audio message. The audio message can be played before your phone starts ringing or the call is forwarded.

7 My answering service
When using my answering service, you can give callers the choice between being connected to voicemail, the switchboard or a colleague. Here you choose which queues to use for switchboard and colleagues.