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Outgoing call log

To find outgoing call history

  1. From the main menu select “Statistics”
  2. Select “Reports” and “Outgoing call log”

Outgoing call log

The outgoing call log is based on detailed call records, and only contains data newer than 3 months. Also note that outgoing call logs only contain data from agents who have authorized this data to be shared with the company.

The outgoing call log displays the following information about the agents who share their data to the call log:

Time, agent, agent’s number, dialed number, call time, and answered status.

It is possible to filter by caller, as well as to select which agents and which period the report will be displayed for.

Sharing data to outgoing call history

The outgoing call log will only show data from agents who have actively consented to share their call data. Such a sharing is done by each agent from My Profile in the switchboard web.

By turning on data sharing, information about outgoing calls from the call log will be available in the Outgoing Call Log in the Statistics module.

Export to Excel

Tap the export icon to export the report to Excel.