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Phone conference

How to get started via the switchboard

  • Go to the main menu and select Phone Conference in the switchboard
  • Press new phone meeting
  • Enter title, select time and possibly a meeting owner
  • Click on the phone meeting under scheduled or active conferences to add and invite participants

Go to Phone Conference in the main menu, tap on “+”, New Phone Conference, and then click the meeting under active or scheduled conferences to add and invite participants.

Other information

  1. Is it possible to call a Telia conference call from abroad?
    Yes, meeting participants from abroad must call +4747470000. Foreign operators can charge for international calls to Norwegian telephone numbers.
  2. How many participants support Telia phone meeting?
    We recommend a limit of 30 participants, but it is in practice possible to include more.
  3. How much does Telia phone meeting cost?
    The cost of the meeting depends on the length of the meeting and the number of participants. The price is NOK 1.99 excl. VAT. per minute per participant. You only pay for the time the participants are in the meeting, and the cost is invoiced on the meeting owner’s mobile subscription from Telia.