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Office 365 Calendar syncronization guide

Telia Switchboard Calendar Integration supports synchronization of calendar events from your Office 365 solution to the switchboard. Calendar information will be displayed on contact cards in both web and mobile apps. It is possible to allow the calendar status to control the availability settings in Telia Switchboard.

Integration service configuration

To setup the integration, it is required to have a valid Microsoft Azure Tenant ID, Client ID and Client Secret for the application.

Required Azure Permissions

ApplicationCalendars.ReadAllows the app to read events of all calendars without a signed-in user.
ApplicationUser.Read.AllAllows the app to read user profiles without a signed in user.

Azure Service configuration

1. In the Azure Active Directory click on “App registration”

2. Click on “New registration”

3. Enter any name for the application for example “Telia Switchboard Calendar Integration” and click on “Register”

4. The Application will be created and generate the Application (client) ID. The same view will display your Directory (tenant) ID. Both the Client ID and Tenant ID needs to be entered into the Calendar integration configuration page in Telia Switchboard

5. Open “API permissions” in the application view in the Azure Admin portal and delete the default “User.Read”-permission.

6. Click on “Add a permission”

7. Click on “Microsoft Graph”

8. Select the Application permission “Calendars.Read” and click on “Add permissions” to add the permission.

9. Click on “Add a permission” again.

10. Select “Microsoft Graph”.

11. Select the Application permission “User.Read.All” and click on “Add permissions” to add the permission.

12. Click on “Grant admin consent for <Company Name>”

13. Confirm the permission in the popup.

14. Open “Certificates & secrets” in the application view in the Azure Admin portal and click on “New client secret”.

15. Give the secret a name and select the expiration time of the secret. After the secret expires, a new one needs to be generated and updated in the configuration for Calendar integration in Telia Switchboard. Click on “Add” when finished.

16. Copy the client secret and paste it in the Calendar integration configuration page in Telia Switchboard and click on save, it might take up to a minute before the secret you created is valid. Make sure to copy the Value of the secret, and not the secret ID.

17. The configuration is now completed and calendar information should now be synchronized from Office 365 calendars to members in Telias Switchboard, as long as the user got a valid email address.

Calendar integration attribute mapping

You are able to configure which meeting type you want to synchronize, if you want to include the meeting title, meeting location and also which availability in Telia’s Switchboard you want to map the meeting type with.

Private meetings

By default, the option to synchronize meetings with the status “Private” will be disabled. If you want to synchronize private meetings with title and/or location, you also need to activate it for the other meeting type. If you want to synchronize title on all but private meetings, you can just leave the title and location for private meetings checkbox unchecked.

User availability follows calendar

The toggle for “User availability follows calendar” will enable the follow calendar feature for new users. The follow calendar feature will make the availability status change based on calendar events from the calendar integration mapping. Each user can individually change the follow calendar feature from my profile.


We are not allowed to give Application permissions, can we use delegated permissions?

Can I have multiple Microsoft Tenants synchronised to the same Telia solution?

Can I have the same Microsoft Tenant synchronised to multiple Telia solutions?

Can I manually trigger an update of the user mapping?
Yes, do a change in the Calendar integration configuration in Telia switchboard like the Tenant ID, change back to a valid Tenant ID and save. This will trigger an instant update of the user mapping.

The status icon for the integration is OK (green checkmark), but number of users is still 0?
The email address of the user is fetched from Microsoft and mapped to a user’s email address in Telia Switchboard. Verify that the correct email address is used in both places. Email alias isn’t supported.

It might be due to invalid permissions. Verify that the application in Azure Active Directory is setup with the correct permissions for Calendar.Read (Application) and that you have granted admin consent.

Can passive users have Calendar information?

Is it possible to filter which users that are synchronised from Azure?

The configurator complains about invalid client secret?
If you just created the secret, wait a minute and try again by adding the secret again and save the settings. If that doesn’t help, create a new client secret.

How often does the synchronization fetch new calendar data?
Once every hour.

How often does the synchronization fetch new user data?
Once every day.

I don’t want to sync a specific calendar at all?
If the toggle to disable the synchronization is not enough, you can configure an application access policy to limit app access to specific mailboxes. More information can be found in the documentation from Microsoft:

One specific calendar isn’t synchronized?
Verify the permissions, maybe the specific calendar belongs to a mailbox with a custom access policy. More information can be found in the documentation from Microsoft: