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VIP list

With the VIP lists, you can filter calls to the company’s main numbers based on the caller. For example, phone numbers belonging to a VIP list can get routed to a priority queue.

The advantages of a VIP list are among others:

  • It enables you to answer important customers quickly.
  • You can add specific service levels to the VIP list.
  • You can monitor the VIP list using the statistics module.
  • The VIP list also enables you to block unwanted calls to the main number.

How to get started with VIP lists

  1. Navigate to the Administrator page from the main menu, then “Telephony Setup”
  2. Select VIP list from the pane to create your first VIP list

Press the “+” icon to add a new VIP list, then add name and service level. Service level in this context is how many seconds passes before the call turns from green (within the service level) to red (breach of the service level) in the list of incoming calls on the switchboard.

You can also get statistics for the service level in the Statistics and Dashboard.

In VIP list you have several functionalities:

  • You can change the name of the existing VIP lists.
  • You can mass edit numbers by exporting/import to/from Excel.
  • It is of course also possible to add ranges of numbers or one by one.

How to see the VIP list in IVR

When you have created a VIP list you can use it in the IVR – main number call flow.

Add the VIP list element to the call flow and select the list you want to use for that element. You can now connect the VIP element to two new elements, “Normal” caller was not in the VIP list or the “VIP” if the caller matched a number in the VIP list.

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